JMT 5.0 Update Highlights

JMT has been updated to version 5.0, focusing on enhancing the user
interface, boosting functionality, ensuring code quality, and improving
backend integration.

Our main objective is to refine the user experience significantly. This was
achieved through a comprehensive overhaul of the user interface, involving
categorizing the home screen, redesign of UI elements across the
application, standardizing terminology, and eliminating redundant pop-ups.
These modifications make the application more intuitive and streamlines the
user experience for better engagement.

Parallel to UI improvements, strides were made in enhancing the
application’s functionality and performance. JMT's reliability and
performance is enhanced by resolving key issues.

Updated Features
  • Status bar revision for accurate data and animations

    • Standardized font size for receiver mode and PDOP
    • Updated Satellite Icon
    • Updated Corrections Icon to provide animation when sending or
      receiving corrections
    • Updated the Logging Icon for more intuitive display
    • Corrected Connection Icon to display proper connection status
    • Updated connected receiver and current project name
  • Added a categorized and contextual menu bar on main screen to eliminate

    • Project
    • Setup
    • Survey
    • COGO
    • Map
  • Text, pop-ups and toaster prose has been updated to reflect concise detail
  • Dependable base and rover setup

    • RTK Base setup has been reconfigured to minimize confusion and error
    • RTK Rover setup has been reconfigured to display a simple set of steps
    • RTK Base (Static IP, UHF, and cell) configurations have been
    • RTK Rover (RCV, UHF, and cell) configurations have been simplified
  • Efficient project initialization

    • Optimized parallel processes for efficiency
  • Faster Map screen loading

    • Optimized parallel processes for less time-outs
  • Fixed several crashes

    • Upon program initialization and survey routine initialization
  • Improved JAVAD receiver communication

    • Default view of JAVAD receiver names available
  • Improved code quality
  • Improved Map Screen

    • Simple with intuitive feature placement
  • Updated Icons to maximize ease of use
  • Backend improvements were critical in ensuring JMT’s seamless integration
    with JAVAD GNSS receivers. We stabilized connectivity related issues for
    more reliable communication.

Additionally, we focused on resolving compilation errors during setup and
eliminating redundant code. These measures have enhanced the current state
of the codebase for efficient future maintenance. Significant emphasis was
placed on upholding high code quality. This involved implementing effective
code merging strategies, such as integrating critical updates from various

Our goal is for this JMT 5.0 update to significantly enhance the user
experience, functionality, and system reliability. With a more intuitive UI,
faster performance, improved backend integration, and high code quality
additions, we have started the journey of improving JMT.

Known Issues
  • Prior issues not included above will be addressed in subsequent releases