JAVAD offers a range of Post Processing software for computing accurate solutions at the office from recorded GNSS data. Users can download recorded data from a GNSS instrument to a PC and then post-process the data for accurate results with multiple bases at the office.


JAVAD Post Processing software provides advanced algorithms to post process recorded GNSS measurements to cm level accuracy at the office. Justin is an enhanced GNSS post processing software built on years of experience with GNSS techniques. The GIS style interface makes GNSS data post-processing simple with a minimum of user intervention. Justin offers Network Adjustment, as well as the processing of JPS and RINEX format data.


JAVAD’s Data Processing Service (DPOS) provides an online post processing service that is similar to the U.S. National Geodetic Service (NGS) OPUS, except DPOS also processes GLONASS data. Download “JAVAD GNSS Data Collection for OPUS/DPOS” from App Store for iOS platforms, or “JAVAD Android Tools” from Google Play Market for Android platforms for a single program that performs both OPUS and DPOS tasks.

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