Pioneering GNSS Position, Navigation, and Timing Solutions

JAVAD GNSS deploys multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS technology for demanding industrial applications. JAVAD products are known for high performance, innovative advancements in accuracy, anti-spoofing, power efficiency, and compact size that enable people, products, and machines to locate themselves precisely and reliably.

Based in San Jose, California, JAVAD GNSS owns its manufacturing facility. All products are proudly made in the USA and ship directly from the factory in California. Technical support is provided by a global team of experts and development engineers with years of experience.

JAVAD GNSS was founded by Javad Ashjaee in 2007. Javad himself was one of the pioneers of the GNSS industry, who also founded several of the largest GNSS companies in the world. The company today continues with its original vision of innovation and excellence.

Explore Our Story

  • 1979

    Dr. Javad Ashjaee joins Trimble Navigation as the third employee

  • 1983

    Javad Ashjaee writes the entire software for the Trimble 4000-5, the first commercially available, 4-channel survey grade geodetic receiver

  • 1980-1995

    Ashtech launches a series of product lines constituting the first 12-channel portable GPS geodetic receivers

  • 1996-2000

    Pioneering innovation continues with the Legacy, Odyssey, Regency, and the HiPer and Prego 76- channel receivers

  • 2000

    Topcon acquires certain assets of Javad Navigation Systems

  • 2007

    ArWest Communications and its advanced DSP communications technology are acquired by JAVAD GNSS to accelerate the next generation of GNSS applications

  • 2008

    JAVAD GNSS launches commercial products, including a series of OEM boards for space guidance

  • 2009

    JAVAD EMS started in San Jose, California to manufacture JAVAD GNSS products

  • 2015

    Remote Access Management (RAMS) launches to bring unprecedented control and productivity for survey crews working across multiple locations