Welcome to the J-Star for JAVAD global PPP subscription service providing centimeter-level positioning accuracy.

J-Star provides satellite-based delivery, which is ideal for use in remote areas, when outside wireless link coverage, or when a base station setup and operation is not feasible.

For more information contact sales@javad.com or your local dealer for J-Star capable receivers or service activation.


Key Features
• 10 cm in 1000 s, 5 cm in 2000 s
• Worldwide Land Operation
• Real-Time cm-level Positioning
• 80 GNSS Receiver Network
• 6 Geostationary Satellites
• Two Network Control Centers
• Delivery via L-Band & NTRIP
• GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou
• Round-the-clock Service


J-Star Height Accuracy in cm

J-Star uses internal algorithms with broadcast satellite orbit and clock corrections to converge on a cm-level position independently without traditional differential corrections.  J-Star is a global service, and activation only requires the receiver to be turned on.

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