JAVAD GNSS provides advanced, accurate GNSS OEM receiver boards for aerospace and defense applications. Developed to operate in challenging environments and built to meet SWaP-C requirements for demanding applications, JAVAD GNSS OEM receivers are made in the USA with small, lightweight, and resilient form factors.

Keep Launching

20+ Years Flight Heritage

JAVAD GNSS OEM boards are used globally by the majority of commercial launch vehicles

OEM boards with Fully Open API

JAVAD OEM boards ​are a complete GNSS receiver solution with a fully open API for fast and easy integration

Owned & Operated Quality Control

JAVAD end-to-end quality control is achieved in our California, USA- based manufacturing ​facility​

Proven History of Innovation

Manufacturing and operating with over 28 years of experience, JAVAD GNSS has pioneered many developments in GNSS technology. Our patented and time-tested technology continues to shape the standard for market demands. Operate with certainty in positional accuracy even at high velocity and high altitudes. JAVAD GNSS has the solution for you to keep launching.


High Dynamic Applications

We leverage an exclusive process to guarantee optimal performance and reliability even in the most challenging conditions. Our High Dynamic Applications (HDA) process incorporates a specialized manufacturing procedure featuring aerospace-grade components with full traceability. Additionally, it includes a low out-gassing conformal coating to enhance reliability and offer protection against adverse environmental conditions.

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Key Benefits

  • High Dynamic Applications (HDA) made
  • Easy integration
  • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS
  • Compact size for flexibility and versatility
  • Low power consumption
  • Multi-path reduction, anti-jamming, and anti-spoofing technology

  • Performance

    Recognized performance in challenging conditions using advanced GNSS signal management that delivers accuracy and reliability.

  • Productivity

    Assured repeatability from patented simultaneous multi-engine solutions.

  • End-To-End Control

    All proprietary in-house PCB assembly and design.


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