Firmware version 4.3.01

Firmware version 4.3.01 adds new features for improved performance of JAVAD
receivers, as well as enhancements and bug fixes for easier and more
reliable operation.

The related commands and messages are included in the GNSS Receiver External
Interface Specification (GREIS), with the revision dated June 3, 2024.

Applicable Receivers
  • All modern JAVAD GNSS receivers based on TRIUMPH-3 ASIC and receivers
    using version 4.3.00 firmware

    • Exceptions:

      • TRIUMPH-LS/LS+
New Features
  • New GREIS message [EB]: external baseine.
Updated Features
  • TRIUMPH-1M Plus receiver:

    • Main Board rev 2 support.
    • New Charger parameters update fro Main Board rev 2:

      • /par/pwr/charge/[a|b]/stat
  • TR_3S_DUO: new board added to list of compatible receivers.
  • Firmware update process improved for greater reliability.
  • SSL/TLS: update to OpenSSL 3.1.3 for improved connections with older
  • GREIS [PM] message: output “ref/ant/id” parameter at the start of the
  • TRIUMPH3: disabled GPS L1C and BeiDou B1C tracking by default.
  • Reacquisition logic updated for faster reacquisition in high-dynamic
  • Imported new antenna database <NGS-24/05/24=907>.
Bugs Fixed
  • Removed 3 second shift in GLONASS L3 measurements.
  • GREIS [xd] message:

    • fixed the “len” field to be “u1” according to specification
    • fixed the “data” field content for some receivers.
  • Fixed a long startup time observed at specific temperatures for most
    T28-based boards.
  • TRIUMPH-1M Plus:

    • fixed [dv_accl] and [dv_gyro] messages for XYZ in the ENU receiver

    • fixed [dv_mag] message for XYZ in the ENU receiver frame.
  • TRIUMPH3: fixed intermittent failure when updating IMU firmware.
  • Fixed the week number logic to avoid a decrement by 1 for a brief period
    after a week change.