Firmware version 4.2.03

Firmware version 4.2.03 includes enhancements and bug fixes for the TRIUMPH-1 generation of JAVAD receivers, which are not supported by 4.3.x firmware.

Applicable Receivers
  • All based on 216 channels TRIUMPH-1 ASIC receivers

    • Exceptions:

      • Early revisions of TR-G3/G2T/G3T
      • TRE-G2T/G3T boards without postfix H in their model names
Updated Features
  • File Names: support “yymmdd” format for file names (/par/log/name/date
  • FTP Server: allow “/name” and “./name” file names to mean “name” or a file
    in the (only) current directory.
  • Tracking & Position: changed the default values for satellite tracking and
    position computation to improve performance.
  • IONO: changed the default correlation time to 30 (/par/pos/pd/iont) for
    Fixed RTK improvement when iono is very active, and the reference station
    is 20-30 km away.
  • NTRIP Caster Timeout: raised timeout to 10 seconds after accepting the
    connection until the response appears. A 1 second timeout may be too short
    for some NTRIP clients to receive the source table.
  • New antenna database imported <NGS-23/10/13=907>
Bugs Fixed
  • External Antenna Power: fixed implementation of /par/pwr/extanten
    parameter for TRH_G2, TRH_G2P boards as this command does not apply to
    these boards.
  • RTK: fixed possible degradation when SBAS or Code Differential is enabled

    • /par/pos/mode/wd or /par/pos/mode/cd is turned on.
  • RTCM3 and other coders of RTK corrections: fixed the check of slot
  • Smoothing Corrections: fixed potential bug with [CI] message.
  • GSM: fixed GSM modem detection.
  • PTP:

    • fixed degradation of timestamping quality from version 4.0.00 for
      non-T3 receivers.
    • fixed Delay_Req interval from 4 to 0 to match current PTP standard
  • RTK: fixed GLONASS biases handling.
  • RTCM3 Output: fixed bug that affected the number of SVs for RTCM3

    • /par/cmr/base/svm and /par/rtcm/base/svm parameters.
  • 1PPS: Fixed bug handling of /par/pos/clk/sync/threshold that caused 1PPS
    jumps larger than /par/pos/clk/sync/rate in some conditions.
  • Wi-Fi Signal Strength: fixed WLAN RSSI value.