The TRIUMPH-1M Plus is a precision GNSS Smart Antenna featuring integrated wireless communications and a MEMS IMU to deliver Tilt Compensated RTK. With a full band UHF radio and a 4G cell modem, users have Base/Rover or network RTK on demand.

Key Features

  • 874 Channels
  • All Constellations Activated
  • 4G Cellular Modem
  • UHF Radio
  • Bluetooth & WIFI
  • Patented Pole-Secured UHF/Cell Antenna
  • 18 Hour All-Day Battery Life

Check out this overview video of the TRIUMPH-1M Plus

Reliable By Design

Physically separating the communications antenna from the GNSS antenna through our patented technique significantly improves signal strength and reliability.


Additionally, securing it in a pole-mounted enclosure means no more damaged or broken external antennas!