Apr 29, 2021

This installment in our JAVAD Virtual Workshop series introduces 2 new products: the TRE-3S OEM board, and the DELTA-3S receiver that implements this board. Additionally, Michael Glutting explains how to use these devices and free JAVAD GNSS software to set up your own RTN.

This live event took place on April 29, 2021, including a Q&A session with the attendees. Chapters:

01:06 Vladimir Zhukov presents TRE-3S

09:06 Jamming and Spoofing

12:55 The JAVAD approach to anti-jamming

13:32 In-Band Interference Rejaction (IBIR) Examples

17:13 Spectrum Data Output

20:14 Michael Glutting presents DELTA-3S and RTN setup

21:22 Build your own RTN – Example 1 – TCP output

25:30 Build your own RTN – Example 2 – NTRIP caster

29:45 RTPK

30:53 DELTA-3S configurations

31:28 DELTA-3S base configuration

32:21 OEM Antennas

32:49 Where to purchase

33:03 Introductory Offer

33:44 Become a dealer

33:57 Q&A

  • Michael Glutting