JAVAD Patented Multi-Engine RTK

The odds of NOT getting an accurate position are negligible with TRIUMPH-LS Plus, which uses a patented multi-engine RTK technique that delivers reliable and repeatable positions. TRIUMPH-LS Plus runs 4 separate RTK engines in parallel, each using a different set of parameters for an independent solution. The system automatically compares the results to converge on a solution of higher quality based on the best measurements.

Compared to…

Traditional Single-Engine RTK

Traditional single-engine RTK solutions do not have redundancy. In contrast, JAVAD uses all available data and satellite combinations to produce superior results.

Multi-Engine RTK allows you to…


Be Efficient
Avoid rework with consistent quality

Be Reliably Correct
Get higher productivity with repeatable accuracy every time

 Difficult Environments
Continue RTK in urban canyons and forests in a single visit

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