J-Field 4.0 Release Notes

April 11, 2022

New Features

  • JCORS support
  • Custom WMTS background map support
  • OpenStreetMap background map support
  • UI profiles


Updated Features

  • User Interface. Added Map, Collect & Stake buttons to the front screen for quick access. Removed Prepare Screen. Updated button Icons on the home screens. Added a direct Corrections setup button to status bar for protocol type and a Unit working mode (Stand-Alone, Base, Rover). Removed Corrections Setup Wizard. Added project name to the bottom status bar. Added electronic bubble and Tilt Compensation mode indicator to the compass control on the Action screen.
  • External Base Setup. Renamed a button title “Base/Setup” to “Remote Base”. Completely rewritten UI. Now the Base can be configured for broadcast corrections simultaneously over the UHF, TCP Output server and JCORS NTRIP service. Added Pairing and Unpairing Modems over Bluetooth. Added option to manage Base systems and signals. Added indicator of satellite systems that Base broadcasts. Added 2, 2.5 and 3 seconds options to base broadcast corrections.
  • NTRIP / TCP Corrections Services Support. Completely rewritten clients for NTRIP and RCV connections. Improved management and stability of the connection. Provided more detailed information about the mount points from the source table of NTRIP Caster. Added support NTRIP v2 protocol.
  • PDF Report. Added localization report with residuals and statistics. Added more information about coordinate systems.
  • Built-in Help Pages. Updated content of pages for the old screens.


Bugs Fixed

  • Background Map download doesn’t work over Cellular Interface
  • Base ID is not displayed for CMR corrections
  • Battery icon is not displayed correctly on Collect screen
  • Can’t set GPRS connection
  • Changing transformation clears the background map
  • Circle is not appearing on the map
  • Clear Keyboard Dictionary does not become grey after clicking at it
  • CoGo functions UI
  • CoGo pick position from map screen when Survey is stopped but not accepted
  • Collecting Device status over RAMS
  • Crashes on Surveying a trajectory
  • Crashes when NTRIP Client is in use
  • Crashes if click at “Configuration file has been corrupted. Press OK for restoring.”
  • Crashes by clicking Help button on two screens
  • Crashes on calling Points screen popup menu and then a hardware “Action” button
  • Crashes on Map Screen
  • CS can’t be changed in Edit Screen
  • CSs are hidden while adding a new localization
  • DPOS coordinates before August 26 does not match the coordinates calculated now
  • Frozen on loading attached project
  • GSM firmware updates fail
  • Hang on Reboot
  • Importing & Exporting DWG files
  • Incorrect binding of the background Yandex Satellite Map
  • JField disconnects from RAMS on firmware update
  • Long Click on Point Name doesn’t open pop-up window
  • Low Power Off has a control with empty name
  • Pairing & Unpairing over USB
  • Pairing & Unpairing over Base/Setup
  • RTPK related issues
  • Screenshot duplication on starting LS as a base
  • Stacking Alignments issues
  • Stop Base does not always stop
  • Touch Screen calibration doesn’t work
  • User profile management issues. Copy
  • Wrong status of Verizon connection if wrong APN


Known Issues

  • Remote Base Configuration. No option to select a non-JAVAD radio protocol to transmit corrections. No ability to know external public IP of the base’s interface to configure TRIUMPH-LS automatically. Manual adjustment in connections settings required. Bluetooth Unpair and Radio Firmware doesn’t work with TRIUMPH-1M. Unpairing over Bluetooth doesn’t work with HPT404BT.
  • Map (Draw). Snap to arc midpoint works incorrectly. Problem with snapping to circle.
  • Bluetooth. Bluetooth headset doesn’t work.
  • UHF. UHF Spectrum Analysis doesn’t work.