Shawn Billings, PLS

The Triumph-LS Plus with the Triumph-3 is incredibly robust. With the standard Triumph-LS and Triumph-2 using GPS and Glonass only, I was able to work in ways I never thought possible, making my business extremely profitable without sacrificing reliability of my data. The Triumph-LS Plus continues to provide the reliable results in an incredibly shorter […]

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Ty Brady, PLS

With Javad’s Triumph LS Plus with RTPK, I can get repeatable, verifiable and accurate coordinates in the woods. Just don’t tell the competition, they still think it can’t be done.

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Customer, Illinois

TRIUMPH-LS+ and T3 with 35 watt radio Can’t wait for my J-Link radio delivery. I have been kicking TRIMBLES hind quarters . Other 2 man crews on these hard terrain forestry jobs aren’t even breaking out there equipment. They just post, blaze and paint behind me as fast as i can walk.

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R. McVay, pls – Jackson, Al.

I have had my Javad, base/rover now for a little over 2 years and have been very pleased with them. Over the last year I have upgraded to T3 and LS plus, which I am sure was a worth while investment. The environment in which I survey is probably 95% of the time heavy to […]

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