JAVAD GNSS Invited to Speak at APNT Summit

JAVAD GNSS presents anti-jamming, anti-spoofing technology at the APNT Summit.

We are pleased to announce that JAVAD’s VP of Product Development, Simon Baksh, was recently invited to deliver a highly impactful presentation at the Defense Strategies Institute’s 4th annual Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (APNT) Summit held in Washington, DC. This event, renowned for bringing together experts and thought leaders in the field of PNT, provided an excellent platform for JAVAD to showcase its advancements and innovations in high precision GNSS technology.

The APNT Summit is a pivotal event that addresses the critical importance of resilient and reliable positioning, navigation, and timing systems. In an era where the integrity of these systems is paramount, the summit fosters a collaborative environment for government and defense representatives, industry leaders, and academic experts to discuss developments in robust PNT solutions.

Simon’s presentation, titled “Industry Perspective: COTS GNSS Receiver Resilience Takes on Today’s EW Challenges,” highlighted our company’s latest breakthroughs in GNSS technology, emphasizing the integration of patented anti-jamming and anti-spoofing techniques, advanced signal processing techniques, and innovative hardware designs to achieve unparalleled precision and reliability.

Key points of the presentation included:

Out-of-Band Interference Rejection at the GNSS Antenna: Our advanced GNSS antennas are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to reject out-of-band interference, ensuring that only the intended signals are processed. This enhances the overall accuracy and reliability of the positioning data.

Spoofing & Jamming Detection on the GNSS Receiver: Our GNSS receivers incorporate patented spoofing and jamming detection mechanisms. These features safeguard against malicious attempts to deceive or disrupt GNSS signals, maintaining the integrity of the positioning information.

Proprietary ASIC Features for GNSS Performance: The proprietary ASIC at the core of each JAVAD receiver integrates specialized features that enhance signal processing capabilities, reduce power consumption, and improve overall system efficiency.

Non-RF Interference Detection from Sensor Fusion: Our systems detect and mitigate non-RF interference to ensure robust and accurate positioning even in environments with significant electromagnetic interference.

The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, with many attendees expressing keen interest in our technology and its potential applications across various sectors. This enthusiastic reception underscores the relevance and impact of our work in the field of high precision GNSS.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to the APNT Summit and to engage with other industry leaders on the future of positioning, navigation, and timing systems. Our commitment to innovation and excellence continues to drive us forward, and we look forward to furthering our collaborations and developments in this vital domain.

For more information about our high precision GNSS solutions or to receive a copy of the presentation materials, please contact our team at

We extend our gratitude to the Defense Strategies Institute for hosting such a significant event and inviting JAVAD to participate. Together, we are shaping the future of assured PNT. LinkedIn