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JAVAD GNSS Achieves Milestone: NavIC L1 Signal Tracking Now Operational on Latest Receivers


San Jose, California, USA, November 30, 2023 – JAVAD GNSS announced that its industry-leading receivers are successfully tracking the NavIC L1 signal broadcast from the first of its second-generation navigation satellites, launched May 29, 2023. As additional satellites with L1 frequency (1575.42 MHz) capability are launched, JAVAD will include their measurements into the navigation solution through firmware updates. The NavIC L1 capability is available on all TRIUMPH-2 ASIC and TRIUMPH-3 ASIC-based receivers, ensuring seamless availability for customers through firmware.

Simon Baksh, Vice President of Product Development at JAVAD GNSS, commented, “With the expansion of regional satellite navigation systems worldwide, JAVAD has strategically invested in research and development to stay at the forefront with capabilities to utilize regional satellite systems like NavIC for diverse applications in their service footprint. JAVAD’s distinguished history as a leader in satellite signal acquisition allows us to apply our advanced technology to integrate signals from NavIC effectively.”


JAVAD GNSS develops multi-constellation, multi-frequency satellite positioning receivers that are integrated with additional sensors for robust navigation applications. JAVAD products are known for high performance, innovative advancements, anti-spoofing, anti-jamming, power efficiency, and compact size that enable location precisely and reliably.

Based in San Jose, California, JAVAD GNSS manufactures all its products in its own world-class facility.

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