TRIUMPH-LS Training Materials

Video lessons are available here.
Please consider starting with the RTK Base/Rover Setup video:

The TRIUMPH-LS Quick Start Guide (Page View) and Users Guide (hardcopy included with your shipment) are extensive and contain detailed descriptions and screenshots to help guide you through nearly all of the features and functions of the TRIUMPH-LS and J-Field software. The User Guide is continuously updated to include the latest technological advances that Javad and his engineering team have incorporated into J-Field software so please check for a fresh copy every few months. If there is anything specific which is missing or lacking in the detail required to get you up and running, please let us know so we can correct and improve the support resources.

When you are in the field, please use the help button to access the TRIUMPH-LS’s built in manual.

TRIUMPH-LS’s help button

Hybrid RTK video:

You can connect yourself remotely to your TRIUMPH-LS units at any time.

Connect your TRIUMPH-LS to RAMS by going to Home→Support→Remote Assistance. Match the settings in the screenshot below, enter a password of your choice and click connect.

Remote Assistance

Follow this link with any device you like (PC/Tablet/Smartphone/etc.),, and enter this into the Server Connections field, and click on the "+" symbol.


Then click on the newly created connection and you’ll see your receiver pop up on the list to the right.

Server connections

Finally, click on your receiver and enter the password.

Server connections

You’re now connected to your own TRIUMPH-LS and it should look like the screenshot below. Click around and check it out!

Server connections

Additionally, with an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or internal cellular), you can push and pull files directly to and from the TRIUMPH-LS internal memory and its microSD card. A field crew on the other side of the state forgot to download the correct files for the job, no problem. The crew chief needs results from the field as soon as they are collected, again, no problem.

Server connections