Based on the TRIUMPH Chip, TRIUMPH-1 is a fully integrated package ready for your demanding jobs, offering precise and automatic performance beyond anything that you have experienced so far.

An elegant, rugged, light (1.7 kg, 18x18 cm), and hermetically sealed box accommodates all GNSS and Modem electronics, antennas, and up to 20 hours of rechargeable batteries and its sophisticated power management system. The close proximity of our batteries with the electronic section helps the batteries to absorb heat and function better in cold weathers. The batteries can be charged with any power supply from 10 volts to 30 volts, which includes car, ship and airplane batteries.

All GNSS, UHF, GSM, Bluetooth, and WiFi antennas are conveniently hidden and protected. An external antenna can also be connected to bypass the internal GNSS antenna. There are two SIM cards inside the box, one of them can be easily reached and changed via a small sealed door.

Triumph-1 Triumph-1