JPS2RIN (free)


JPS2RIN software is converter from the company native JPS format files to RINEX 2.xx (including 2.10/2.11/2.12) , RINEX 3.0, RINEX 3.01, RINEX 3.02 and RINEX 3.03 formats. JPS4RIN (beta) also supports RINEX 4.0.

The software installation package setups all required parts of this program on Windows platform, sets the environmental path variable and creates association with JPS files. In Windows Explorer the context menu will have several new items "Convert to RINEX 2.1x" for JPS files. It goes without saying that JPS2RIN could be launched from command line too. Use "/wn" option to run it's GUI. To see all command line options please run jps2rin.exe /h.