GISmore receiver is based on our TRIUMPH Technology implemented in our TRIUMPH Chip. For the first time in the GNSS history we offer very powerful GIS field mapping receiver with up to 100 Hz RTK, 216 channels of single frequency GPS, Gallileo and GLONASS in a small attractive, sturdy, and watertight box.

Using its internal Bluetooth® and GSM/GPRS connection the receiver can access local GNSS Reference Station Network. As standard future the GISmore receiver provides access to the SBAS correction services. In addition to post-processed DGPS capabilities, the GISmore utilizes external correction services for real-time DGPS mapping and navigation applications.

Standard Configuration

Optional Features

  1. Guard Bumper
  2. Bluetooth/GSM Antenna
  3. GNSS Receiver, Power Board with GSM/Bluetooth and on-board Memory
  4. Rechargeable li-Ion Battery
  5. Internal GNSS Antenna Connectors