The Legacy of a GPS Pioneer

Dear JAVAD Extended Family and Beyond

Javad Ashjaee taking a break just before InterGeo 2019
Javad Ashjaee taking a break just before InterGeo 2019

As you already know my father passed away Saturday, May 30th from COVID-19. I wanted to get a message out to all the friends of JAVAD to provide some insight into our plans for the future.

There are dozens and dozens of articles on the web and in print about the great Javad Ashjaee, and his 37-year history in this country, and his various achievements. Here, I’d like to address you all on a more personal level.

My father was very proud of all that he had accomplished, including setting up the Moscow office dating back to the late 1980’s (through the financial crisis in Russia), the ahead-of-thestate- of-the-art manufacturing facilities in CA (following the US financial crisis), and the technical and operational capabilities that they possess. No other company in our industry was ever at the forefront of innovation and technology like the products we continually introduced into the market, and all of you had an integral part in making that happen. Most of all, my father was proud of his extended “family”, as well as the partnership he had created between US and Russia—it was his “success story of cooperation”.

We have a group of 200+ energetic, intelligent, passionate, and above all, kind employees, some of whom have been with the JAVAD group of companies for decades. And on May 30th, many of them lost someone whom they had worked with in business for many years. No matter how long it has been, we know that for all of you it was a meaningful impact on your lives.

JAVAD Nuclear Family
JAVAD Nuclear Family
JAVAD Russia Family (JGNSS LLC)
JAVAD Russia Family
JAVAD Armenia Family (JCOM)
JAVAD Armenia Family
JAVAD PLS Family (associated with JGNSS)
(associated with JGNSS)
To honor the legacy and all that our father had put into these companies, we will continue to push ourselves toward the goal of remaining the technological and innovative leader in our industries. That would be the minimum he would expect of all of us. He was so very proud of what had been accomplished but knew that we had to challenge ourselves each and every day to make it better. Everyone we have communicated with is motivated more than ever to carry on his legacy and implement all his visions and dreams.

Those of you who have worked with us know our similarities to our father, and know when we have our minds set, not much will deter us. We may have a gentler hand but can be a force like he was. Of course...our training started since day one, and we have earned some battle scars...

Javad Ashjaee

Our father also wrote me recently, “My only hope is that you and Nema focus on company as much as your energy allows.” These words are in our heads and hearts every day, and with your help we will make him proud.

He was also a true visionary... including training the next generation early, and in his own special unique way.

Our hearts may be broken, but our resolve and spirits are not, and in fact are stronger than ever. The JAVAD group of companies is special, and the entire world knows this. We will harness his energy to carry on his legacy... and make us top not just in technology but also global presence.

To that end we will live and work each day with that expectation. We will continue to push ourselves to be better and continue to innovate and grow the companies that he started many years ago. This is the approach ingrained in all of us by Javad Ashjaee himself and this is something that we know for sure he would expect of all of us as we move forward without him. The best way to honor his legacy is to strive to make the company bigger, stronger and more successful than ever and that is what we will endeavor to do.

International Space Station

Javad Ashjaee started in 1986 with Ashtech and he will continue with the current JAVAD companies for generations to come. He is now literally with the stars and satellites (@International Space Station), still watching over we better live up to his expectations!

Javad Warm Regards,
Nedda Ashjaee

Nedda Ashjaee

A lifetime of contributions!

To the next generation of surveyors…

Students at Marshall Lane Elementary School and Rolling Hills Middle School in Saratoga, California,
enjoying TRIUMPH-LS
Students at Marshall Lane Elementary School and Rolling Hills Middle School in Saratoga, California, enjoying TRIUMPH-LS

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No more

JAVAD GNSS will stop advertising in print media and will work towards benefiting from the electronic communication and promotion tools provided by the magazines that have always communicated our message. They have far reaching e-blast services and electronic messaging.

In addition, we will be working on the following:

  • Audio/Video tutorials
  • Online publications
  • Remote group video conferences (we have tools for up to 400 participants)
  • Spreading the news through our sales channels
  • Local state shows
  • Word of mouth from our happy users