TRIUMPH-LS Customer Reports
“Why Javad? Because it works where nothing else will and it has abilities and features that nothing else does.”
“Truly amazing with a 4” grape vine directly overhead and the tree cover.”

“I got some ridiculous ‘fixes’ today in some horrible situations. Reset receiver, moved around, etc. Tried to get a bad fix but had a hard time doing it.”
“This thing is bad ass!”

“Using licensed professionals for development has been a brilliant idea. Tip of the hat to the programmers and designers that put the original box together it appears to me that they knew where they were going with this years ago.”
“I had 100% confidence this RTK was good. As soon as I stored the shot I inversed to my design point at that location and got 0.06’. No second PPK necessary! Then for the cherry on top, I processed the PPK at the office at it was 0.05’ from the RTK I stored. Just an amazing Surveying machine!”

“The LS has increased our productivity 2:1”
“I used ‘Beast Mode’ on a small project yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!!! Did Javad and Red Bull team up to enhance RTK or did my system drink hypercaffeinated coffee when I wasn’t looking? Amazing accomplishment/development Javad. I can’t imagine using any other GPS equipment.

“The only bitching now is for the crew that has to take out the Hyper V.”
“I surveyed 20 acres today and never used the total station.”

“Thank you for the most awesome set of equipment I have had the pleasure of running in my 41 years of surveying. I am having the most fun I have ever had!”
“Since I got the Javad system, I go places NEVER BEFORE possible, and WITH confidence, because, the quality checks are there.”

Hasn’t been much to chat about lately and it’s been a while since I posted so....

While nothing earth shattering has been added to the LS since probably the PPK ability back around six to eight months ago, there have been many minor subtle changes that continue to improve the best surveying machine that’s ever been made! Upsampling, the ability and programming to work with the J-Tip and several changes and improvements in DPOS (most notably the ability to DPOS from a second rover) have all been used and noticed by us. Several others, I’m sure, I’ve not even noticed or found yet.

That being said, what continues to amaze me is the small amount of problems, we the users have with these changes. Sure, there’s an occasional little “bug” here and there, but the overall performance, durability and dependability of this amazing little box is unreal!!

When there is an issue, as Nate had yesterday with the dist to last white box, it is addressed and taken care of almost immediately.

With almost 30 years of working with all different types and brands of equipment I’ve never seen or used anything close to what the Javad products deliver! All the designers, engineers and 5PLS crew should be proud of what you’re doing and it’s a pleasure to be a small part of it myself.

Darren Clemons
Central Kentucky

Just a note complimenting on the service you provided setting up a transverse Mercator county coordinate datum for my Javad LS. I can now duplicate county coordinates on any published DOT or NGS station in that tilted plane zone in our county in Minnesota within millimeters.

Recently, I purchased a used Trimble Geo XH 6000 series submeter unit but found the TM county zone was not loaded. In conversations with a Trimble dealer, I was told they do not support the datum. They did try to create the coordinate system using the NGS parameters but when I proofed it, the coordinates may have just as well been on the moon. Leica has the coordinates on their units and Nadcon/Connad83 publish the TM zone coordinates... but not Trimble.

I emailed Trimble back today complimenting JAVAD on their professional quick turnaround on my problem. Doug Carter had the field savvy to finesse the problem and get it into Vladimar’s hands where it was quickly dealt with. The Javad process took about ten days back and forth with field checking and all. It was a VERY pleasant experience dealing with the professional geodetic JAVAD engineers.

As county surveyor, I will continue to reject any plats brought forward done in that zone trying to use another county coordinate system. Our Minnesota statute requires plat be done within 0.02’ accuracy so I believe I have firm ground upon which to stand.

In fairness, I await Trimble resolution of the process. I explained the JAVAD methodology and results. Hopefully, sometime soon, they will support the NGS published datum and upgrade their units for their clients.

Wayne Hensche

Looking back on 2016, was there a project that you could not have completed or your efficiency would have been significantly reduced without the LS?

Occasionally I will review work that I completed several years ago and it’s obvious that the quality of my design work has increased significantly with the addition of the LS and T2.

Javad you have made it possible for me to expand my scope and increase efficiency. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Jim Campi
Northern California
Civil PE

I have to second Jim’s comment. I have dreamed of being able to GET all the data I really want, and need. I am bringing home approximately 2x as much data, as with my old system. But, that is not the BEST part of it. The BEST part is the CONFIDENCE, in the shots. THAT is the crown jewel of the Javad LS T-2 combination. Thank you so very much.

Well, we are the SURVEYORS, and we really NEEDED the equipment you hare providing. And, we REALLY appreciate it.

It is the most awesome piece of surveying equipment, and a pleasure to run!

To answer this question honestly, I’d have to say basically ALL of them! Sure, there were many that I could’ve done with the “other” guys equipment in a similar amount of time, but to second what Nate said, the data I acquired and have associated with even those simple jobs is better because of the LS.

That being said, the “simple” jobs (if there is such a thing in Surveying ;)), is definitely not where the LS is at its best. The large, heavily canopied, rough terrain jobs, of which we do many of per year, is where this machine sets itself apart - and therefore helps us set ourselves apart from our competition. With the Javad equipment, we can simply do those types of jobs in a third to half the time that we used to. This while still pricing them at relatively the same price that we always have. The same money on a job that takes one half to one third of the time it used to equals more profit!

I also agree with Jim on the statement that our quality of work has greatly increased due to the LS. We used the “other” guys GPS equipment for years in canopy where many others would not. We’ve always pushed the limits of where RTK could go. We spent hours some days verifying data on some suspect spots, only to end up sometimes having to run it in with a gun anyway “to be certain”. It was definitely a trade off where we saved ourselves time in many areas, but cost ourselves time in others where it just wasn’t meant to get RTK GPS. That has completely been taken away with the LS. There’s hardly anywhere, especially when leaf cover is off, where it won’t get great, reliable, verified, validated RTK. Then, in the few spots it doesn’t, the PPK is just the absolute cherry on top of this machine.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of the growing Javad family and with now 20 months in, I shudder to even think about going back to any other kind of equipment!

Darren Clemons
Central Kentucky

- Steve Hankins: I am running J Field Pre Release In the field yesterday I noticed the LS would have phantom clicks and random screen changes without and interaction from me. I was able to touch the screen and return to where I was at and complete my task. The screen seemed to be a little sluggish when this would occur but did not become unresponsive. I powered the unit off and rebooted, but that didn’t fix the behavior. I then used the A/V button and calibrated the screen, this seemed to help and finished my field work. Later in the evening in the office with the LS on and setting on my desk it started to repeat the phantom clicks, sometimes changing the screen , then the next phantom click was audible only with no screen change. The unit appears to be working correctly in spite of the phantom clicks. Anyone else experienced this, or have any thoughts?

- Javad: Hold the A/V hardware button for three seconds. It will recalibrate the touch screen.

- Steve Hankins: Thank you sir, and thank you for the most awesome set of equipment I have had the pleasure of running in my 41 years of surveying. I am having the most fun I have ever had!