180-pound Gorilla Test
After our own
concrete drop test…
Gorilla Test

I had a shovel and metal detector in my left hand, and the LS on a carbon fiber pole in my right hand. I have no idea what tripped me as I stepped from the woods, and onto an old gravel covered asphalt parking lot. This did not simply fall to the ground, it had 180 pounds of surveyor driving it into the pavement. It was not a straight fall, I kind of slid across the pavement. The scratch on the top right area of the screen is from a rock.

At first it would not turn on. After I picked all of the rocks and broken glass from the holes that used to be buttons, I pressed the power button, and it came to life. I had no problem performing a full archive, and an active project archive, as well an export of the job I was working on. So no data lost. As can be seen in the photos... it still works fine.

Possibly a little wipe with a magic paper towel, and some Windex, and it will look like new?

John Evers, PLS