RTK Confidence... Unlimited

We claim that TRIUMPH-LS RTK system never gives a wrong fix; and we offer $10,000 to any US PLS who prove otherwise. This is how it works: Select "Auto Verify", Select "Auto Accept" with your required accuracy. Set data collection to at least 30 epochs/seconds. If result is marked "Accepted", we guarantee that it is within your accuracy requirement with a margin of at most 3 cm. If you don't want to Auto Accept, review the statistics and decide to accept or reject.

Here is an example of the Auto Verify (patent pending).

— Here is just a couple of pictures showing 5 fixed engines in some pretty dense tree cover. I don’t think I could get this shot with any other receiver.
Matthew D. Sibole, PLS

— Outstanding Matt. I’ve found these LS receivers to be incredible under deciduous canopy. Pine canopy still can be problematic to get a fix under – living in the “Piney Woods of East Texas” makes this a bummer. But even under pine trees the LS seems to perform better than anything else I’ve ever used.
Shawn Billings, PLS

— I was trying the prior version of Verify tonight for my first time. It is truly wonderful. This accomplishes so much regarding reliability and my confidence in what my employees are doing in MY name.
Your Verify routine is perfect. It is clean, it documents everything, and is statistically rigorous. Congratulations!
John Evers, PLS

— This is such a great option! – another feature setting Javad apart from rest. Because I did not have my UHF I had to survey in a heavy canopy area with         R6 (GPS only) over the weekend. It took me an hour to get 4 separate 60 epoch burns on a Monument - dumping initialization between each - and when it was all over I had Two locations within 0.33’ of each other and Two others 6 + feet away. I was sure missing my LS and this Verify feature.                 , PLS